Your skin – Our intention

Nothing is as individual as you! And your skin is as unique as your personality. It is the largest organ of the human body. Stress, excessive sunbathing, and environmental factors can strain the skin and leave their marks. To assist you in regeneration, protection and care of your skin, I have developed the Blue Hawaii series. The products are free from all harmful substances and enriched with the most valuable and most innovative essences. Real plant cells for DNA repair, kukui nut oil to restructure the collagen network, and illumiscin to remove age spots, are just some examples of the sustainable essences for the well-being of your skin. With Blue Hawaii, you are undoubtedly choosing the most luxurious, purest and highest quality care. You can be sure to treat your skin with the best quality, maximum protection and noticeable skin renewal. 100% Made in Germany and awarded with the rating very good by Dermatest.

By the way; all elixirs of Blue Hawaii have been blessed on Maui sacred earth by the spiritual healer Benjamin Cordero.

Claudius Fabig,