BLUE HAWAII – The Emblem

u’liu’li – the emblem derives from various characteristics of BLUE HAWAII's heraldry.

Above the emblem (sometimes also below) there is the name and the motto of the company: BLUE HAWAII – Spirit of Paradise. The official motto was already introduced by Claudius Fabig, the founder of the company, in 1999.

The emblem is divided into four sections. In the upper left quarter there are eight stripes representing the eight main islands of Hawaii. On the top right there is a dolphin, at the bottom left the blossom of a hibiscus. These are traditional symbols for beauty and nature. In the bottom right quarter we can see a typical Hawaiian hula dancer representing the act of Aloha in the evening light. The quarters are kept together by a compass, which is strengthened by the brand of Claudius Fabig.

Above the symbol there is a pineapple abstracted in the presentation of a royal crown; below the symbol there are Hawaiian banana leaves and a frond of the black maidenhair fern in the shape of an ornamental necklace.